Online Courses through Wake County Schools Ed2go Program:

Introduction to Teaching ESL                                                                      2011
Teaching second language learners and effectively integrating ESL strategies in the classroom

Teaching ESL Reading                                                                               2011
Planning and executing an effective course of reading instruction for second language learners to enable them to become fluent readers

Teaching ESL Grammar                                                                             2011
Identifying the unique challenges ESL students face when learning English Grammar and adapting lessons and activities to provide meaningful instruction

Teaching ESL Vocabulary                                                                           2011
Assessing student needs and integrating vocabulary into content-based instruction in the classroom

Technical Writing                                                                                    2010
Gathering and explicating information in a step-by-step, easy to read manner for all learners

Creativity in the Classroom                                                                       2008
Approaching learning labs, field trips, activities and evaluations from a new perspective reflecting the diversity of learning styles in the classroom

Big Ideas in Little Books                                                                            2007
Creating workbooks, activities, visual aids and manipulatives directly correlating to the District standards