Suzanne Best Portnoy and son Jonathan Ryan Portnoy
Once upon a time there was a teacher who loved her job and her students very much. She spent hours planning lessons and projects in order to engage her students in learning and creating. She employed hands on activities and active learning techniques in order to instill a love of learning in her students.  She nurtured her students and worked tirelessly to teach them the skills they would need to become life-long learners.

The teacher had three children whom she loved more than life itself and she decided to spend some time raising her children and giving them her undivided attention. So she said goodbye to her classroom and spent the next several years teaching her children and instilling in them her same love of learning.

There came a day when the teacher’s youngest child was old enough to enter the classroom. Once her youngest child was safely ensconced in a wonderful program at the local elementary school, the teacher decided she was ready to reenter the world of education and go back to her own classroom. She knew she had been out of the classroom for several years and would need to refresh her skills, so she turned to an online education program and enrolled in classes to update her knowledge. She took several classes including ESL classes to enable her to take the exam to add ESL to her certification (she anticipates taking this exam in early October).

Suzanne J. Best Portnoy